King v. Burwell: Both Sides Now

Hey, if you’re interested in a well-balanced presentation on the so-to-be-argued-before-the-Supreme-Court case, King v. Burwell, you can’t do much better than this 1:28 min. long debate/question and answer at the Federalist Society. It features two fine attorneys arguing the merits of the case, one from each side of the issue. Quite informative.

UPDATE: Well, even a careful writer makes mistakes sometimes. In this case, I meant to post a link to this debate. The link above is also an excellent discussion, but the one down here is the link to the debate between two fine attorneys.

Looking for Something to Do?

If you are, I suggest the following sites as worthwhile time fillers:

If you’re interested in balanced and very interesting discussions of the Constitution and federal/state relations, the Federalist Society’s website in general and it’s multi-media offerings in particular are a must. They strive to offer a view from both sides of most important legal issues, especially at their various events. I can’t recommend them enough.

Also of constitutional interest, it’s hard to beat, the place to go if you want to actually listen to oral arguments at the Supreme Court. No, you can’t listen to them as they happen, but I’ve seen cases where the recordings were up the same day they happened. And these recordings go waaaaay back, even as far as Roe v. Wade (where you can hear counsel from the state of Texas make a sexist joke) and New York Times v. Sullivan (where you can hear the historical beginnings of our current law of defamation).