Assets: Creating and Protecting. Managing Editor and Writer. 1998-1999.

Representative Articles:

Premiere Issue.

“Six Sizzling Strategies to Save on Your Taxes Right Now!”

“Can You Trust a Living Trust?”

“Limit Your Liability with Limited Partnerships”

March/April 1999 Issue.

“Don’t Blow Away Your IRA”

“Home Free from Gift and Estate Taxes”

“Divorce American Style—Today”

May/June 1999 Issue.

“Tax-Deferred Annuities: When You’ve Run Out of IRA”

“The Probate that Ate the Estate?”

“Asset Protection with Long-Term Care Insurance”

January/February 1999 Issue.

“Being Generous with Your Pension Plan”

“Keeping it in the Family (Limited Partnership)”

“You Say Tomato; I Say Tomahto: The Case for Prenuptial Agreements”