Advertising/Design Copywriting

Element. Provo, Utah. 2006

eFileCabinet seven spread brochure

VSA Partners, Inc. Chicago Illinois. 1996.

White Paper. “Fact or Fiction: Eight Myths of SEC Reporting.” Potlach Annual Report Show.

Soter Associates. Provo, Utah. 1996-1999.

American Pioneer Mortgage: four-page brochure.

Pinnacle Marine Corporation: magazine advertisement.

SceneOne Video: door hanger.

Software Studios: trade showpiece.

The Spanish Fork Rodeo: four newspaper articles

“The Guy from Spain Fell All Over the Plain.” Spanish Fork Press July 17, 1996. B-16.

“It’s Crazy. But Somebody Has to Do It.” Spanish Fork Press July17, 1996. B-17.

“Equal Pay for Broken Bones.” The Springville Herald July 10,1996. II:9.

“Big-Time Sport Coming.” The Springville Herald July 3, 1996. II:9.

Unlimited Sunsets, Volga River Cruises: eight-page brochure.

Bank of American Fork: newspaper article.

Covey Leadership Center. Provo, Utah.1996-1998.

Covey Leadership Week.” Two multi-page brochures and a letter.

Building Trust.” Ninety-minute audio script.