Magazine and Online Articles

(Note that in addition to writing the articles listed below in Frontiers and Life Sciences magazines, I acted as the managing editor for those magazines.)


“A General Guide to Job Hunting.” February 27, 2013.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“10 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions.” February 25, 2103.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“10 Questions About Currency Investing: An Interview with John R Baur.” January 29, 2013.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“10 Questions About Investing in Index Funds: An Interview with Mark Hebner.” January 15, 2013.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Penny Stock.” Institutional Investor. November 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Uncover Your 401(k) Fees with This Secret Decoder Ring.” July 20, 2012


“10 Questions About Balanced Investing:An Interview with Cynthia Prince-Fox.” Mint.Com. July 7, 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“10 Questions About Value Investing: An Interview With Steve Rogers.” Quicken Personal Finance Blog ( June 8, 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“What the European Debt Crisis Means for You.” February 14, 2012. Republished on Quicken Personal Finance Blog ( February 15, 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“A Time Machine, Not a Trinket.” President & CEO. February 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Medicare: Know Your Alphabet.”NEA Member Benefits. January 30, 2012.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Thick as BRICs.” Institutional Investor. December 2011/January 2012. Republished as “BRICS Stock Exchanges Plan an Alliance” on December 23, 2011

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“There is a New Marshall in Town.” President & CEO. December 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Top-gun Value.” One+ Magazine. December 7, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Pack Your Parachute Before You Jump.” President & CEO. October 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Take Some Chips off the Table.” President & CEO. August 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Are You Ready to Start Giving to Charity?” July 4, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Brazilian Blowout.” Institutional Investor. July 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Let’s Talk About SEFS.” Institutional Investor. June 2011. Republished as “Proposed Regulations for SEFs Could Crimp Liquidity” on June 7, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Protect Yourself from These Top Identity Theft Threats.” NEA Member Benefits. May 2, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Do You Have the Right Homeowners Insurance Coverage?” NEA Member Benefits. February 28, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Productivity on the Go.” One+ Magazine. February 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Ways to Cover Your National Board Certification.” NEA Member Benefits. January 4, 2011.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“You May Need Long-Term Care. Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance?”NEA Member Benefits. November 29, 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Assume a Spherical Cow is a Character in Halo.” Frontiers. Spring 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Putting the Pieces Together.” Life Sciences. Spring 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“This Worm Maybe Be Man’s Best Friend . . . No Really!” Life Sciences. Spring 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgCollege Honored Alumni Award: Craig M. Young.” Life Sciences. Spring 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Maybe It’s Time for Math Metaphors.” Frontiers. Fall 2009/Winter 2010.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“College Volunteer Leadership Council.” Frontiers. Fall 2009/Winter 20110.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Really Something Bigger Than Yourself.” Frontiers. Fall 2009/Winter 20110.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Making a Dream A Reality.” Frontiers. Fall 2009/Winter 20110.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Original Research That’s Fit to Print.” Life Sciences. Spring 2009.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“One More Pirouette in a Stellar Ballet.” Frontiers. Spring/Summer 2009.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“A Grand Adventure.” Frontiers. Spring/Summer 2009.

“A Gentler Pace.” Zions Bank Community. March/April 2009: 24-26.

“Not Bad for a Recession.” LaunchUtah. 2009.

“Shelter from the Storm.” Money Matters. 2009.

“A Teller Window in Every Home, A Credit Union in Every Pocket.” Think. 2009.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“All That and Writing Too.” Life Sciences. Spring 2008.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“A Means to and End.” Life Sciences. Spring 2008.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“What Goes Up?” Marriott Alumni Magazine. Winter 2008: 6-11.

“Cache Valley Choo Choo.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Moving Ahead: It’s Only Natural.” Life Sciences. Fall 2008: 4-5.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“What Were You Born For?” Life Sciences. Fall 2008: 10.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“One Less Place to Hide.” Frontiers. Fall 2008: 2-3.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Doing Good by Doing Well.” Frontiers. Fall 2008: 8.

“Our Best Thoughts and Our Best Language.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

“How Convenient.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

“Never Too Late.” Wealth Manager. May 2008.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“LSSS is More.” Life Sciences. Spring 2008: 4-5.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Creating Muscular Power Plants.” Life Sciences. Spring 2008: 15.

“Walk Around the Block.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

“Air Terminal Stores.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

“A Place of Their Own.” Zions Bank Community. 2008.

“Classic Rock.” Zions Bank Community. January/February 2008: 42-47.

“On Spec, on Time.” Zions Bank Community. January/February 2008: 56.

“Guilt-Free Footprints.” Wealth Manager. January 2008.

“Road Maps in the Sky.” Zions Bank Community.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Pep Up Your Card Without Depressing Credit.” December 6, 2007.

“Time for Bed.” Zions Bank Community.

“Target Card or Target Visa? Which is Better?” November 30, 2007.

“Take a Walk.” Zions Bank Community.

“What’ll You Bid for a Better Yield?” Zions Bank Community.

“The Safe Harbor Choice.” Wealth Manager. December 2007.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Can You Use A Debit Card to Buy A Car?” October 8, 2007.

“Connecting Professional Dots.” Wealth Manager. July/August 2007: 45-47.

“Can You Make Money in the Balance Transfer Game?” June 12, 2007.

“Not On Your Life.” Wealth Manager. June 2007: 29-31.

“Split Decisions.” Wealth Manager. June 2007: 37-39.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“The Case Against Subprime Credit Cards.” February 26, 2007.

“Broken Vows, Solid Contracts.” Wealth Manager. January 2007.

“Checking Social Security Now Benefits You Later.” December 11, 2006.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgCancel a Card, Hurt Your Credit Score.” November 14, 2006.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Will Contactless Payment Cards Connect in the U.S.?” October 4, 2006.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“A Debit Card for Victims of Disaster.” September 5, 2006.

“On the Same Page.” Wealth Manager. September 2006.

“Mixing it Up.” Wealth Manager. September 2006.

“A True Story.” Wealth Manager. May 2006.

“Gilt-Edged Insurance.” Wealth Manager . February 2006.

Bloomberg sold Wealth Manager magazine to Highline Media in September 2005. The magazine is now known simply as Wealth Manager.

“The High Life.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. December 2005/January 2006.

“Art Appreciation.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. October 2005: 27-30.

“SCIN Care.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. October 2005: 33-36.

“Take Me Out of the Ball Game.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. June 2005: 37-40.

“To Your Health.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. March 2005: 35-40.

“Have It Your Way,” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. December 2004/January 2005: 35-44.

“Bearing Out the Benefits.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. October 2004: 29-33.

“Larger Than Life.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. July/August 2004: 33-36.

“A New Twist on Vacation Property.” Fidelity+. August 2004: 16-19.

“Deluxe Healthcare.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager. May 2004: 33-37.

“Spread the Wealth.” Fidelity+. May 2004: 12-15.

“Modern Medicine.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager April 2004: 28-33.

“Stress Testing.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager March 2004: 58-65.

“Piecing Together Peace of Mind.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager February 2004: 46-47.

“Watered Down.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager December 2003/January 2004: 33-36.

“Dangerous Measures.” Bloomberg Wealth Manger December 2003/January 2004: 46-53.

“Using and Abusing the 412(i).” Bloomberg Wealth Manager November 2003: 65-69.

“The Case for Commodities.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager October 2003: 58-66.

“Better to Give and Receive.” Bloomberg Wealth Manger October 2003: 37-40.

“This Little Piggy.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager September 2003: 41-46.

“Searching for Scofflaws.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager July/August 2003: 39-42.

“Identity Crisis.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager May 2003: 40-46.

“Casting Off.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager March 2003: 54-62.

“Tales from Parallel Worlds.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager February 2003: 46-53.

“Civil Dissolution.” Bloomberg Personal Finance February 2003: 83-86.

“Join the Crowd.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager December 2002/January 2003: 23-25.

“Rich Rewards.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager November 2002: 47-50.

“The Rewards of Giving.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager October 2002: 66-71.

“Letting Go.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager September 2002: 39-42.

“Fear Factor.” Schwab’s On Investing Summer 2002: 64-66.

“Splitting More Hairs.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager June 2002: 33-36.

“Experimental Procedures.” Bloomberg Personal Finance May 2002: 85-87.

“Escape Options.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager February 2002: 48-55.

“Building a Firm Foundation.” Fidelity FOCUS February 2002: 16-19.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Fraser Bullock: A Gold Medal Turnaround.” Marriott Alumni Magazine Winter 2002: 22-26.

“Wait and Seek.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager November 2001: 82-90.

“The Silence is Deafening.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager October 2001: 72-80.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Plug in to the Markets.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance September 2001.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Dial In for Dollars.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance June 2001: 49-51.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Training Wheels.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance May 2001. 55-57.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Out of Step or on Target?” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance April 2001: 47-50.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“The Inside Track.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance March 2001: 53-55.

“Star Search.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager February 2001: 91-93.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Watch Your Head.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance January 2000/February 2001: 49-52.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Digital Sugarplums.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance December 2000: 53-56.

“Leave Nothing to Chance.” Schwab’s On Investing Winter 2000: AT3-AT4.

“Star Search.” Bloomberg Personal Finance November 2000: 27-30.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Everybody Into the Pool.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance November 2000: 45-49.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Jump Start.” Bloomberg Personal Finance October 2000: 34-36.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Build Your Own Mutual Fund.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance. October 2000: 55-58.

“Playmaker.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager September 2000: 86-95.

“Getting There From Here.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager July/August 2000: 82-90.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Completing the Circle in B2B.” Bloomberg Personal Finance July/August 2000: 27-28.

“Bonds Take Off.” Schwab’s On Investing Summer 2000: 49.

“To Owe or To Own?” Schwab’s On Investing Summer 2000: 61-62.

“Companies that Untangle the Web.” Bloomberg Personal Finance June 2000: 23-24.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Wired for Giving.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance June 2000: 47-51.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Weigh the Pros and Cons.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance May 2000: 53-58.

“The Little Guy Gets a Helping Hand.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager May 2000: 27-29 (a republication of “Y2K + B2B = IPO $$$,” that first appeared in January/February 2000 issue of Bloomberg Personal Finance).

“What Are the Odds?” Bloomberg Wealth Manager March 2000: 70-77.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Banking Bytes.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance March 2000: 49-53.

“Y2K + B2B = IPO $$$.” Bloomberg Personal Finance January/February 2000: 25-27.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“It’s a High-Tech Holiday.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance December 1999: 53-56.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“The Tech Season.” Bloomberg Personal Finance November 1999: 20-21.

“A Secure Piece of the Internet Action?” Bloomberg Personal Finance October 1999: 26-27.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“You Can Bank on It.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance July/August 1999: 53-56.

“Put Down Your Pencil.” Bloomberg Personal Finance June 1999: 98-106.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Click Here for Coverage?” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance May 1999: 47-49.

“Invest for Life.” Schwab’s On Investing Spring 1999: 28-31.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Forged Art.” Bloomberg Professional September 1998: 167-172 (a republication of the article that first appeared in June 1998 issue of Bloomberg Personal Finance).

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Forged Art.” Bloomberg Personal Finance June 1998: 90-95.

“Desktop Trading.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance December 1998: 57-59.

“Bringing Home the Bacon.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance September 1998: 59-62.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgSharing the Wealth.Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance May 1998: 55-57.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Let’s Get Digital, Digital.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance September 1997: 63-67.

“Information Incorporated.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance May/June 1997: 61-63.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg“Hard Wiring to Cyberspace.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance January/February 1997: 45-46.

“Secure Securities.” Virtual Personal column. Bloomberg Personal Finance Premier Issue November/December 1996: 80-81.